29th April 2013



The following takes place between Applejack and /u/PennylessGiraffe

A single drop of water splatters on the brim of a tan Stetson hat. Slowly it beads up and rolls forward falling down past golden blond hair and a checkered plaid shirt tied above the belly. As it picks up speed it swiftly rushes towards cut up daisy dukes and a triple apple tattoo just above the beltline. Legs like tree trunks and skin as smooth as glass race by as the drop comes to an abrupt end on the tip of an old well worn leather boot.

“Hmm…Looks like rain”, a soft voice says as the hat tilts up and the golden locks part.

“Guess I’d better get the barn closed up tight were due for a storm.”

The wind kicks up and a small dust cyclone whisks by as she rounds the corner pushing the large doors closed. She quickly gathers two large stakes and a mallet and begins staking them closed. As she turns to leave she is confronted by a tall muscular man in tight blue jeans and a solid black button up silk shirt with a much larger hat.

“There’s a storm brewing”, he says in dark lonely voice as the wind nearly removes both their hats.

“ I reckon so,” she replies with a smirk. “We should gather what we can into the storm cellar before it arrives.”

“Don’t worry about that”, He says as he points across the orchard towards a wide dirt road. “We’re expecting visitors from another land any day now and I’m afraid they may have trouble in this storm. Please take Applejack and ride out and make camp with them until it passes.”

“Sure thing big brother, I’ll leave right now”, she says as she begins to walk away but is grabbed by the arm as she takes her second step.

“AJ listen, these folks ain’t from around here, they may not take kindly to a stranger telling what to do and try and forge ahead. You may have to force them to stop and make camp”, he says as he stares coldly into her emerald green eyes.

“Don’t worry bout a thing Mack. I’ve got it under control.”, she says as she runs off towards the stables.

As if aware of the journey ahead a blond mare waits anxiously at the stable door as AJ arrives with saddle in hand. Within moments she has the saddle attached and in a swift motion mounts and Applejack takes off like lightning down the road leaving a trail of dust behind her as a few drops of rain splatter across her cheek.

As the sun sets the rain grows stronger and with each passing moment the wind picks up and the heavens begin to rumble. Soaked and cold AJ and her mare continue on well into the night.

As the sky begins to pour like a fountain AJ’s hat begins to droop around her head and as she is about to give up and hunker down for the night she sees a faint light just off the road ahead. With a quick pat to the neck Applejack charges forth and they come to a single wagon stuck in the mud with a man attempting to wedge planks underneath to gain traction.

“Heyah Elly!”, he shouts as his brown spotted horse attempts to pull the wagon from the mud.

A single lantern flails on its post as AJ hops down and grabs a rope tying one end to the wagon and the other to Applejack.

“Come on girl now pull”, she yells as both horses rear and begin to pull the the wagon back to the road.

AJ unties the wagon as the stranger hops up grabbing the reins just as the wind picks up and starts to pull the cover off the wagon.

“Y’all follow me!”, she yells through a mouthful of water then swiftly mounts applejack once more.

She takes the lantern and heads out a few feet in front of Elly and tips her hat forward and begins to ride back down the road. The wind rages and the road begins to wash away beneath them and AJ looks to her left and can just barely see the light reflecting off the wall of the mountain and begins heading towards it. A sudden crackle of lightning across the sky reveals an overhang of rocks just ahead and they quickly tuck tightly inside.

Clothes drenched and skin glistening like candle wax AJ removes her hat as she hops off her mare and walks over to pat the stallion on its neck. With a quick shake of his arms he tosses his hat onto the bench next to him and hops down off the wagon taking the lantern and putting it on the bench.

“The poor dear, he really ain’t cut out for this kind of weather.”, she says as they both begin to undo the harness.

A strange warmth races across AJ’s body as their hands meet at the same buckle causing them to both pause a moment looking down at their hands.

The stranger quickly pulls away and they both softly chuckle as their faces begin to slowly rose.

As the horse showers them with a swift shake AJ looks over at the stranger noticing his long dark hair and his thin scruffy beard dripping wet.

With a smile she says, “I don’t reckon you have anything dry we could build a fire with?”

“I’m afraid not, I’m Ethan by the way.”, he says as he reaches out to shake her hand.

“Shucks where are my manners, I’m AJ pleased to meet you”, she replies with a smile and a firm grip.

A gust of wind blows past causing them both to shutter and shiver.

“We better get inside your wagon and hunker down until this storm passes”, AJ says as she walks around to the side of the wagon and begins tying the canvas back down.

Ethan climbs inside and begins rummaging around tossing a few wet blankets and cloths out onto the bench. AJ soon joins him inside bringing the lantern setting it down on a small crate then looks around at several burlap bags and a broken bale of hay.

“I sure am glad you happened by when you did otherwise I would likely still be out there”, Ethan said. “What is such a beautiful women doing all the way out here in this storm?”

“Awe shucks, I was looking for some travelers my brother was expecting back on the farm to be honest, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t have made it much further than here myself”, AJ says as she settles onto one of the bags across from him.

“The Apple Family farm?”, he says with a smile.

“ I recon y’aller the one I was supposed to find then huh”, she says as he takes off his jacket and stretches his legs out between hers. “I thought there was more of y’all?”

He pauses a moment staring at her smooth legs and smiles then says, “They headed off to another farm with the rest of the seed stock for the season and were going to meet me at your farm.”

As AJ notices his interest she begins to blush and starts to mutter uncontrollably, before she can make sense of her words a gust of wind blows past her and the stranger stands up and walks over to her.

Her heart begins to race as he kneels down in front of her with one knee between her legs ever close to what is now the warmest part of her body. Slowly he reaches his arm around her and the other over her causing her whole body to become excited. He unties a rolled up piece of canvas and it unrolls downward slapping her in the face.

He quickly settles back and slowly lifts it revealing her magical green eyes, neither one of them breathes as time seems to slow to stop around them.

“Sorry about that”, he says as he lets it slide behind her and moves some wet hair from under her eye.

As the gesture passes over her mind the fire it causes takes over her heart and she sits up swiftly grabbing him by the collar and kissing him with every ounce of breath she has.

She pushes him backwards into the bale as his feet kick out and she practically jumps on top kissing and pecking at him like a wild animal.

Unable to move he runs his hands along her hips then along her thighs and she quickly begins to unbutton his shirt. She loses patience and rips apart the last few then begins biting and kissing his chest as she unties her shirt flinging it off behind her.

She quickly sits up and slides backwards and begins unbuttoning his sopping wet jeans. Unable to remove them herself she leans to the side and he struggles to get them off as his throbbing cock slaps against her chest.

As he kicks them off she hops back on top and without pause leans down and wraps her tongue around the tip of his manhood.

She begins to take him inside of her as deeply as she can as his head leans back and his hand runs along her cheek. As she begins to bob her head she is overwhelmed with desire running her hand down her stomach slowly unbuttoning her shorts and slipping her hand inside.

A sharp gag as he thrusts upwards causing her fingers to slip inside sending a wave of pleasure up her back and across her face. Picking up speed she can feel her warmth begin to flow and she pulls her shorts down removing one leg out at a time careful not to slow the repetitions.

As he begins to thrust once more she pulls away and climbs up softly kissing him on the way. As their lips meet she sets herself on the tip of his manhood and slowly begins to lean into him.

They both groan in desire as she pulls back taking the full length of his shaft and he runs his hand along her triple apple tattoo towards their hips. As she begins to ride him he sits up and wraps his arms around her pulling her hips harder towards his own.

Their body’s intertwined they both begin to moan in tandem with the creaking of the wagon. As their passion begins to seep from each pore AJ lets out a yell and Ethan is quick to follow suit spilling his passion deep within her.

AJ collapsed onto him as he falls back wrapping his arms around her, a few heavy breath moments pass as AJ falls gently asleep in his arms.

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7th April 2013

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Love, An endless river, blind to all that drink from her. 

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28th March 2013



Debate older than age itself rages forth as feet slide ever closer to the edge as the earth gives way underneath. Every lost stone like a dream come true as it spins free and is aloud to face its inevitable end.

Voices of reason fade behind the onslaught of hopes dreams of sought after happiness.

The wild heart calms as legs go limp and the remaining strength gives way to unyielding happiness as the first few almost weightless moments cleanse the soul of all hatred and wrong doings.

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10th March 2013

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Hearts Burden

Smoke rises from blistered ash covered nostrils as the foul beast begins to once more stir. Scales crinkle and crack one by one as the beast sheds it’s former self and grows larger in size.

Hope begins to fade as teeth glow in the light of the now raging dragon fire within and the massive thunder of its tormented heart begins to echo across the lands. Peasants rise and knights come to call as the beast takes flight and begins to circle the near by towns and villages.

All across the land people of merit and depravity alike stand side by side and attempt in vein to stem the beasts wrath. There is but one soul not joined in on the blood lust fueled rampage that plays out in city after city and town after town.

A weary traveler long ago forgotten and abandoned to his own devices. Alone he cries as thousands are slaughtered because his worth and his fear being of far less worth than those who once rallied around him. He bargains and pleas for the mercy of the gods as his remaining will drives him to the edge to carry out the only logical course to halt the destruction.

A final sigh as he leaves his worries above.

Serenity now consumes every pointless breath and peace erases every thought as wind whips across his tear soaked cheeks. Silently he watches the sky above grow larger with each passing moment. Just before the dragon stops to watch as the body lies flat across the land before he himself vanishes into the wind.

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9th March 2013

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Sleep is ever elusive as the lowly morning rays creep across the pillow. Thoughts run deep with ash blond hair and eyes glistening like freshly polished emeralds.

A stone cold gaze across an empty floor as soft giggles echo through the mind causing passionate tears of wonder to form and cheeks to grow sore from tension.

Sorrow fills the the heart as silent minutes flow into long quiet hours as the ever elusive word fails to make its daily debut.

Heart sickened with the minds poison darkness begins to consume the soul. Hope lost for but a moment as that most powerful of words finely makes its entrance.

Waves of joy wash the slate clean as the hearts timer is once more reset and the mind begins to once more wonder.

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4th March 2013

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Pinkamena’s View

Ever alone emptiness consumes the heart with each breath felt through the weight of a mountain and every moment filled with overwhelming doubt as tears run dry and the face begins to crack.

Joyous laughter abound with smiles beaming in all directions as the the still black heart cries out for acceptance into the never ending myriad of normalcy.

Distorted glass strains the eyes as the burden of sorrow weighs on the mind causing the body to collapse into its own shadow. As the window blinks darkness engulfs the last remnants of the now distant dream and the stale black heart crumbles to dust and fades into the wind.

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13th February 2013

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Suspended Night

Blissful tears fall as silly laughter and quick breaths ignite the night sky.  A hearts warmth floats  through the air on the cusp of a kind breeze.

Laughter falls silent as deeper breaths and swift moving hearts steer the mind to the eye of the other.  Few kind words shared as subtle touches strike focus into their now boiling blood.

A warm morning ray narrowly slips between lips hovering nervously apart as breaths thicken and sweat soaked hands interlock binding the souls at their heart. An eternity passes as a final breath shutters and the gentle warmth of the others lips soothe the mind and fulfills dreams of everlasting bliss

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11th February 2013


Bewildered Heart

Two ways the string pulls as the heart stutters to the beat of the other back and forth it sways not giving into desire

Pain and tragedy to either side les the heart chooses the other. Kinship kindness and passion. or Compassion romance and dreams.

This choice made in vein will erupt chaos throughout the soul severing the string and shattering the heart. While A choice made in hopeful intent will end in passionate pain whilst still risking the string within that passions fire.

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10th February 2013

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Collision of the Arts.


Passion, rage, and hope coalesce at the tip as the eyes fill with the pain of each stroke slowly revealing every love-lost thought within each strand of hair.

A single tear falls as the checks are filled with subtle kindness of an invisible smile and the chin comes slowly to light. Slowly a single lip emerges as the mind loses itself to the sudden rush of lust long forgotten

As the body takes shape the cold pain the eyes once saw swiftly melts into warmth as the almost suggestive pose reminds  the heart of a better time


The gentle rush as the first glance stirs the heart each breath quickening as a subtle  quiver shakes the soul.

The heart pulses, eyes following each flowing line from the cheats to the chin. Slowly up to the lip, slightly askew, causing images and passion fueled dreams to race through the mind. The eye now catches the nose guiding it to the blood gorged cheeks of a post passionate moment frozen in time.

Initial euphoria wanes as subtle touches leap out like tigers on the hunt. Slowly pain is revealed in the guise of a simple tattoo,  a scrape along the cheek and a bandaged arm reveals no end to the heavy heart that pend this work.

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6th February 2013

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Slip of the Tongue

Over and over the words rewind the mind as fists clench and blood bloated with rage oozes out between the fingers. 

Thoughts of hows and whys are swiftly replaced with incoherent cries for mercy then, a momentary pause for breath charges pleas for help beckoning forth gods of unimaginable power. 

Fist to the floor while bartering in vein as convoluted dreams of what should have been said’s overtake the mind and cause tears to drop like stones to a pond disrupting everything as they fall. 

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27th January 2013


No one’s words from faraway

Overwhelmed with sadness as anonymous words typed from the other side of the globe pierce the heart an strike at the soul. 

As sobbing whys consume each thought that same strangers kind words disrupt the sorrow with compassion and warmth. 

Over oceans mountains and endless plains the connection they share for but a fleeting moment lasts an eternity as their souls reach out over time. 

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26th January 2013


Drunken Violin

Chaos extruded from each stroke of the the bow, each reverberation growing louder as glass shatters all around. The feint sound of drums begin rumbling in sink, trumpets wail and a subtle saxophone slows the pace… silence falls as the snare drum echos and the crowd stands to applaud.

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22nd January 2013

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Hopes Bane

Hope, an endless bastion of pain.

As the heart winds up the mind’s tricks become unwillfully abundant.

Over and over painful delusions of what coulds envelop each drop of happiness as every idea becomes more elaborate than the last.

No end. No escape. No release as a feint candle continues to burn prolonging the pain and darkening the soul as the heart rages blindly on.

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19th January 2013

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Creativity & Inspiration

There is no truth there are no morals laws be dammed as provoking thoughts envelop each lonely moment. As up loses purpose down fades into the shadows, empty is this world.

Dawn rises and a spark overwhelms all existence, trees buildings and wondrous creatures quickly rush to fill the void. Happiness and sadness become one as conflict and resolutions whisk by on warm summers afternoon. Arguments abundant with blood soaked words as a gentile voice sings of the olden days of yore. The scent of fresh cut grass shatters imposed silence filling the mindless souls with thought and feeling.

Each word represented by the last thus a story was bore.  

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18th January 2013


Drank the PLounge water again…

These martyrs, these righteous protectors of all that is good in this land shalt not be forgotten. 

You may have slain them out of pure boredom for your own meaningless lives however there are but a few a few strong proud individuals out there waiting silently in the shadows. 

Though scattered they softly preach in the whispers of dark alleyways and filth ridden pubs slowly raising a horde of ravenous justice hungry people. One day soon as the as the nameless souls whom crept into your ranks subtly begin moving you the pawn this army will arrive on the steps of your fashionably proper city. 

These men and woman of true worth will slowly and methodically begin smashing their way into each home and every business gathering all your prim and proper peoples leaving only the children and elderly behind. The cries of your children will echo from your castle walls as you each hope dearly they never grow silent. 

Inside of your grand castle, your spectacle of monetary worth, you and those who believe as you do will be separated, forced to the center so all can watch in ignorant irony as the last of those very same creatures whom you loth so much judge your fate. Your homes, your belongings, your whimsical clothing, and even the nails in which hold the soles to your shoes will be spread to the poorest of the lands whilst your children will be taught for the first time in their lives what it is to live free as they will no longer be subjected to your twisted hatred. 

On that day as you cry out to your gods and plead with the few remaining dragons for mercy I will watch with but a smile on my face.

This is my promise to you.

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